You will find here a list of the most frequently asked questions related with the renting of la salle des Promotions as well as the associated answers.

Q-How do I make a reservation?

A-Fill out the form available by clicking on the link, or via the CONTACT page. We will contact you shortly.

Q- At what time will we have access to the venue?

A-For evening events, the venue is accessible from noon for the organizing committee and suppliers. For daytime events, the schedule may vary according to your needs. We will determine with you the best time for you to be well prepared to welcome your guests. 

Q-Do we need to have people on hand to welcome our guests?

A- No, it is not necessary. During each event, we place signs on the pathway to the venue and our security and coordination staff is strategically located to welcome and direct the guests. 

Q-Do you have a parking lot?

 A- The Seminary parking lot is accessible ($) in the evenings, on weekends and during the summer. 

Q-How many people may attend?

A- Our venue can accommodate up to 240 people for a banquet or up to 320 people for a cocktail reception. 

Q-Do you have other meeting rooms?

A– It is possible to use the Grand Salon on the 2nd floor for meetings. This room has a lot of character, but no audio-visual equipment.  

Q-Do you have a bar service? 

A- No, we do not. However, La salle des Promotions has ideal spaces to install one. It is therefore possible for you to entrust the bar service to your caterer or to provide it yourself. The only obligation is to hold a valid permit issued by the RACJ (provincial liquor service license). 

Q-Can we have our own caterer? -Do you have any restrictions regarding caterers? -Do you have a list of caterers?

A-We do not have any exclusive contract, you are free to deal with the caterer of your choice. 

Q-Do you provide the dishes? Glasses? Silverware?

A-No, for dishes, silverware and glassware, you must refer to your caterer or a rental company. We can provide you with white tablecloths for a very competitive price. 

Q-Can we rent furniture?

A-Yes, if you have special needs, you can rent furniture. We can suggest trusted partners for this purpose. In this particular case, the handling of the furniture will have to be entrusted to the rental company. 

Q-Are lighting and sound system included?

A- We have the equipment to provide lighting, sound system and basic projection. If you have a particular project, our service partner will be able to make you a proposal to improve the equipment in place. 

Q- Can we have a band/musicians?

A-Yes, artists are a frequent and a very nice addition to any event.