Conference | training

Equipped with well adapted accessories such as a Barco 8000 lumens projector, a giant 16:10 screen (278 in diagonal), and a modern sound system, La salle des Promotions has exceptional qualities for holding all types of conferences. Among other things, comfortable dressing rooms are available for your speakers and presenters. The services of an audiovisual technician are also included for the duration of your event. Finally, our furniture allows many possible configurations that can vary according to the pace and style you wish to give to your conference. If you want to end your event with panache, it is also possible to organize a cocktail party on the mezzanine.


50 to 300 people


Main venue :

  • 28 m x 14 m = 392 m2
  • 92 ft x 46 ft = 4232 sq. ft.

Mezzanine :

  • 213 m2 or 2177 sq. ft.

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